The PCB world market

  • achieved global sales of approximately USD 58.4 billion USD in 2016, thereof 48% in China, 9% in Japan, 31% in the other Asian production countries, 5% in America, 4% in Europe and 3% in the rest of the world,
  • has shrunk by more than 3 percent in the last two years since 2015,
  • is with regards to the global sales markets - dominated by the 3 "C" (computing, communication and consumer),
  • but predominantly serves the segments Industry, Automotive and Aviation in Europe.

Source:  N.T. Information Ltd. (NTI)


Our core business is the production of PCBs, manufactured according to customer specifications and requirements. SCHWEIZER supports the entire product life cycle, from the prototype stage to mass production. The provision of a comprehensive range is essential to the company's strengthening of its market position. For this reason, the company's portfolio extends beyond the mere manufacture of products to include services that provide the customer with extensive support and advice.

Together with its partner Infineon Technologies AG, SCHWEIZER plans to jointly tap the chip embedding market in future.


We address today's Megatrends: E-Mobility and Energy Efficiency

Based on our innovations and our know-how we address the most important megatrends of today: E-Mobility and Energy Efficiency.

Division Systems

The set-up of the new division Systems is the logical consequence of increasing customer requirements, experience, know-how and our new solution possibilities for Embedding-Technologies (Technologies for integrating active components into a PCB).

A comprehensive solution-portfolio and excellent production skills enable SCHWEIZER to increase the added value and thus to improve the performance of systems. Customers benefit from system solutions with regards to tailored form factors, improved electrical- and thermal performance, the possibility of active IP protection and increased reliability. All these advantages are targeted at further reducing the system’s cost.

Particularly in the automotive industry, for applications in the field of electric motors, there is an increasing demand for such solutions. The same applies to high power applications, which are increasingly in demand in the target market Industry. Target applications primarily include converters and inverters as well as drive controls for electric motors. To complete its product range, SCHWEIZER is also working with manufacturers of semiconductors and electric motors as well as with a number of technical institutes.