Sportsmen and PCBs

In many media we are promoting the categories of our innovative products and solutions by showing a mountain biker, a swimmer and a runner. Did you ever happen to ask yourself  what sportsmen actually have to do with PCBs?

Well, in sports it is all about movement, game, competition and physical activities of human beings. Terms such as challenge, committment and dynamics come to our mind. And here we have come full circle with PCBs.
Our daily challenge is to flexibly react to the requirements of a dynamic market which demands a big portion of sportive effort. Just like records in sports can be broken by a competitor already tomorrow, today's innovations can be outdated tomorrow. And just like sportsmen can thereby be driven to peak performance again and again, we are continuously highly motivated to drive forward the expansion of our modular kit for innovations and solutions.


The Mountain Biker and Power Electronics

This sportsman deals with extremes: endurance, speed and performance on a continuously high level are demanded from him. Only with a lot of power in his lungs and in his legs he will enjoy reaching the summit. Transfered to our category Power Electronics this means products and solutions in this field are subject to increasing requirements. In many applications more and more currents need to be switched respectively more heat needs to be dissipated.


The Swimmer and Embedding

A successful swimmer lies in the water  in an optimal way and glides harmoniously through this element. Similarly, embedded components need to lie in a PCB in an optimal way. This way, best performance can be realised in combination with high quality and utmost reliability.


The Runner and System Cost Reduction

Running is regarded as the most efficient form of sport and has the big advantage that it can be done nearly everywhere at any time with little preparation. We are pursuing a similar approach with our category System Cost Reduction. Our aspiration is to understand complete solutions and systems and to contribute to rendering a complete system efficient and affordable, supported by a PCB.


Schweizer Electronic - a big fan of the Triathlon Team Schramberg
Schweizer Electronic - a big fan of the Triathlon Team Schramberg

The Black Forest, SCHWEIZER and a sportive Team

You see: we take it the sportive way. By the way, our headquarters is based in the Black Forest, the biggest coherent Central German Uplands, in the southwest of Baden-Württemberg. With its woods, broad expanses, altitudes and beautiful landscapes this region offer ideal training conditions for the above mentioned forms of sport.

This does not only render the Black Forest into a perfect recreation area for tourists but also offers a wonderful homeland for families and sporty people of all ages.

Many of our employees share this enthusiasm for sport. Last year was our first time to organise a company triathlon and the preparation for the second triathlon are in full swing. This project is supported by members of the Triathlon Club Schramberg, which we are promoting i the context of a sponsoring agreement.