Schweizer Electronic – more than PCBs

The No. 1 in innovative solutions, reliability and consulting with an unbeatable worldwide partner network

Very few companies can look back to more than 165 years of company tradition.
In all that time reliability has always been the value we stand for. In addition, customers appreciate us for our excellent consulting service and product quality.

To offer the entire value chain, we have partnered with the best companies in their fields: now we supply the full range, from the fastest prototypes to high volume cost-optimised products. Our headquarters in Schramberg, Germany, is the center of our innovative strength. From here, we also ensure that product ramps continue to reflect our very high quality and process know-how.

PCBs are much more than standard products

Every day this maxim drives us to make innovative products that not everyone can. Electronics are becoming increasingly powerful, and this in most cases at reduced cost. Therefore, we focus on the following 3 product categories:
High Power electronics, embedded electronics and the realisation of cost saving potentials