Corporate Social Responsibility

As a family business with a long-standing tradition, Schweizer Electronic AG takes its corporate social responsibility very seriously and has made its contribution to sustainability a fundamental part of the company’s mission statement. The company’s responsible corporate actions encompass everything from actual business activities and ecologically relevant aspects to the relationship with employees and exchange with relevant target or interest groups. Measures to ensure sustainability can be found in all areas of the company.


Non-Financial Statement

Please find our Non-Financial Statement 2018 here


Whistleblower System

The SCHWEIZER whistleblower system enables you to inform about breaches of legal regulations or internal rules and thus helps us to uncover them. Compliance with legal requirements and internal regulations is a top priority for SCHWEIZER. Only when rules and standards are complied with we can avoid causing damage to our company, our staff and our business partners. Therefore misconduct must be identified early. In order to investigate breaches in a fair and appropriate manner, we set up a Whistleblower System. Employees of SCHWEIZER and external parties can use this system to report indications of risks for the company. When processing the reports, the Whistleblower System ensures complete confidentiality.

If you have concrete indications of breaches of legal regulations or rules at SCHWEIZER or suspect that such a breach has occurred, you can use the Whistleblower System via