A Value Proposition you can measure us by

Our value proposition defines the framework for our strategy and our actions.
Its purpose is to paint a picture of who we are and arouse interest in our company. It also aims to convey the values and guiding themes which make up the pillars of our success.



We are a global „best-in-class“ technology company.
Our products preserve resources for the future of our children.

We are a leading manufacturer of premium PCBs and a recognised manufacturer of energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly products and services.



It is our mission to contribute to the success of our customers - and in doing so achieve success ourselves!
Our customers’ goals, their trust and the pleasure we derive from continually expanding the limits of what is possible, are the drivers of our success.

In order to achieve this, we apply our wealth of experience, state-of-the-art technology, production methods and processes, as well as our expert knowledge of our target markets.
We focus on attractive and promising business opportunities. Trading as a family-run business with a long tradition, we are geared towards sustainable, long-term success. Our employees are at the heart of this success.



The values we stand for and which determine everything we do are:

Quality, speed, creativity, openness.

These build the foundation connecting our past, present and future.


Quality and Environmental Awareness

We commit ourselves to the reduction of energy consumption, to energy efficiency, to the continuous improvement of our performance as well as to contributing to environmental protection.

We are striving for the reduction of our environmental impact e.g. by the recycling of materials, which actively contributes to the protection of the environment, and we consider binding commitments resulting from our activities as well the compliance to applicable law and regulations an indispensable basis for our actions. Therefore, we are openly cooperating with authorities and the public in matters of environmental protection.

We stand for highest quality and care in all areas. Furthermore, we have set ourselves the target of a zero-defect tolerance and constantly strive to improve our products and solutions. Thus, we are able to reduce rejects and offer our customers the best possible quality at the same time. With this attitude, we remain viable for the future and are well positioned to face forthcoming challenges.