Schweizer Electronic in facts, figures and data.

Mobility and energy efficiency are long-term drivers for the growth of SCHWEIZER. In the Electronic core business, the company has a leading position in the market and has excellent technologies, products and well-established customer relationships that can also be utilised in future in the Systems division.

SCHWEIZER achieved sales of 120.7 million euro in Fiscal Year 2019 and a group EBITDA (Earnings before Interest, Tax, Depreciation and Amortisation) according to IFRS of 0.1 million euro. This corresponds to an EBITDA ratio of 0.1%. 

In particular, due to the very negative effects to be expected from the Corona crisis, two scenarios were drawn up for the forecast of the sales and earnings figures for 2020. The more optimistic scenario shows sales decrease of  -10 to -15 percent and an EBITDA ratio of -2 to -6 percent. The more pessimistic scenario shows sales reduction of  -20 to -25 percent and an EBITDA ratio of -4 to -8 percent for 2020.