Shareholders' Meeting 2017

TRANSLATIONS OF ALL DOCUMENTS ARE FOR CONVENIENCE ONLY. These are non-binding translations. The German versions are the only official and binding documents and shall prevail in any event over these English versions.

10.07.2017 | Voting results

29.05.2017 | Invitation to the 28th General Meeting

29.05.2017 | Annual Report 2016

You can find here our Annual Report 2016 as a pdf-file.

29.05.2017 | Annual Financial Report 2016 of Schweizer Electronic AG

You can find here our Annual Financial Report 2016 as a pdf-file.
(in German language only)

29.05.2017 | Explanation of agenda item 1 and shareholders’ rights

29.05.2017 | Total number of shares and voting rights

29.05.2017 | Entry ticket order form, form for issuing power of attorney and instructions

29.05.2017 | Power of attorney

29.05.2017 | Resolution on appropriation of the balance-sheet profit

29.05.2017 | Information regarding the proposals of the Supervisory Board Candidates

Here you can find the candidates CVs:

Michael Kowalski CV
Christoph Schweizer CV
Chris WU CV
Karin Sonnenmoser CV
Chih Kang CHEN CV