There is a clear trend is towards smaller devices with increased functionality. As a consequence less and less board space is available to integrate additional features.

PCB technologies are best suited for being applied in semiconductor assembling and connectivity techniques. Even in this field of technology we can offer numerous highly interesting solutions.

The unique features and technology Each application has different requirements. SCHWEIZER  is addressing the different requests of their customers by offering embedding products and innovative solutions.

p² Pack (Power PCB Pack)
Power semiconductors with a vertical current flow (e.g. for DMOS/ MOSFET and IGBT technology) may be integrated in a perfect way into the PCB. This approach is offering many thermal and electrical performance advantages.

i² Board (integrated interposer Board)
This board is ideally suited for embedding of logic semiconductors. The “Motherboard Embedding Approach” via an interposer is made for e.g. CMOS and BCDMOS semiconductor technologies for a power dissipation up 10 W. More passive components may be added as well.

Cavity Board
Another example is our Cavity Board which allows low-lying connecting areas to be assembled inexpensively. With this approach high frequnecy may be addressed in an optimzed way.

µ² Pack (µ thin, µ pitch Board)
The µ² Pack® (µ thin, µ pitch Board) is best suited for smallest, thinnest and multi-chip semiconductor packages respectively modules with direct pad contacting.