Better populating options: the Cavity Board.

With the aid of the Cavity Board from Schweizer Electronic, deeper contact surfaces can be economically populated – also using bonding technology. The advantage: after the component (e.g. a chip) has been sealed, you get an even PCB surface after bonding.

Reliable downstream processes in production.

On the even PCB surface conventional populating is carried out with SMD. With the Cavity Board from Schweizer Electronic high pin components can be easily manufactured with a gold surface. And it can be done with economical standard processes in production.

Reliable production with standard processes.


At a glance: Cavity Board.

Applications: For all solutions where deeper contact surfaces are required for SMD and bonding processes.
Advantages: High pin components can be bonded on a gold surface; use of the SMD populating process is possible.
Special features: Reliable manufacturing processes through proven and tested standard technologies.
Costs: Considerable savings in the populating process are possible.
Weight: Reduced in comparison to today’s technology.
Space requirements: In combination with the FR-4 Flex technology space gains are possible.
Working temperature: –40 ºC to +140 ºC