Integration of components on the PCB: the i² Board®

The trend is towards increasingly smaller and more powerful devices. But because of the number of highly pinned components, there is little scope to reduce the PCB surface. The solution: by integrating a chip into the PCB this becomes an intelligent component.

High precision production with inexpensive processes.

The decisive element is the highly precise positioning of the chip on the so-called interposer, an intermediate layer in the PCB. Another challenge is to connect the extremely fine structures of the small chips with the comparatively rough structures of the PCB. Schweizer Electronic solves this by means of modified manufacturing processes in series production – and can therefore offer this forward looking product inexpensively.

The future: intelligent PCBs from Schweizer Electronic.


At a glance: the i² Board®

Applications: All applications where further miniaturisation is only possible by burying components. Also with applications where access to the integrated chip is to be prevented (manipulation security)
Advantages: Reliably manufacturable through high registration accuracy; reliable and cost efficient production; homogeneous embedding results in high thermal shock resistance
Production: Retention of standard processes; series production compatible micro integration solution available
Weight: Reduction possible through integration.
Space requirements: Reduction possible through integration.
Working temperature: -40 ºC to +140 ºC.