p² Pack the Power Embedding Solution

Miniaturization of Power Electronic modules requires the minimization of losses and an optimized power dissipation. With the p² Pack technology it is possible to build ultra thin modules which have less losses and improved power (heat?) dissipation characteristics by using embedding technologies and processes of the Printed Circuit Board industry.

Due to the fact that the p² Pack is really flat, it is possible to go one step beyond and embed such a flat component into a logic control board.

The Smart p² Pack construction is open to the bottom side of the PCB. A heat sink can easily be installed to the bottom side, either using a Thermal Interface Material or using sintering technologies to further reduce the thermal resistance from junction to ambient.


At a glance: p² Pack®.

Power electronic solutions with 3 phase drives for e.g.: power steering, climate compressors, high end fans as AC/DC and DC/DC converters

High power in the bottom (w/o bond wires) and control at the top

  • Significantly improved electrical and thermal performance 
  • Better Rth and more rugged design compared to ceramics
  • Better form factor / less height compared to conventional solutions
Based on standard PCB processes,  combined with semiconductor solutions as MOSFETs, IGBTs and SiC