Constantly ideal temperature: the Cool Board.

End customers expect your devices to have more and more functions. The consequence: considerably more numerous and considerably more powerful electronic components must be installed. This results in higher temperatures that require sophisticated heat management.

Active heat management – within the system.

A cooling circuit is integrated onto the PCB that makes use of the already existent cooling systems. Thus with the Cool Board from Schweizer Electronic you have the possibility of active heat management: the temperatures on the PCB can always be maintained in an ideal state.

Effective cooling. Through the appropriate cooling medium.


At a glance: Cool Board

Applications: Use in electric and electronic systems with high outputs and great heat development (machine or turbine controls); use near strong heat sources (brakes, hybrid systems, etc.)
Advantages: Active instead of passive cooling; Exploitation of existing cooling systems; Effective heat dissipation though option of using various cooling mediums; Targeted use in “hot spots“ possible
Production: Use of proven manufacturing processes; economically manufacturable (no use of special technologies)
Costs: Potentials for savings in the entire system because other cooling elements are not necessary
Weight: Weight advantages over systems with additional cooling elements (e.g. aluminium heat sinks)
Space requirements: Considerable space saving through integration of the cooling elements
Working temperature: Individually adjustable