Running high power through complex switch arrangements

Increasing demand for higher power and necessary, appropriate cooling systems, with rising complexity at the same time, require the development of new concepts. With SCHWEIZER’s heavy copper boards, high power currents of more than 200 A can be conducted and additional logic layers be implemented.

At a glance: Heavy Copper Board

The advantages of SCHWEIZER’s heavy copper solutions

  • Depending on the power load and power dissipation, copper levels of inner layers at thickness of 105 micron, 210 micron or 400 micron 
  • Copper thickness of outer layers variable from 50 micron up to 240 micron 
  • Up to 4 x 400 µm copper possible within a single PCB 
  • Many years of mass production experience in 400 micron copper on inner layers 
Sample of automotive 12V/48V-DC/DC converter
  • 4 x 400 micron copper at performance levels
  • 4 x 70 micron copper at logic levels

12V/48V-DC/DC converter

Problems with thermal dissipation?

Contact us for our new heavy copper  T² technology. It helps reducing the total thickness of the PCB and thus reducing the thermal resistance by 50%.

Conventional heavy copper PCB PCB with the new T² technology
conventional heavy copper PCB PCB with the new T² technology

The cross-section above demonstrates the comparison between a conventional heavy copper PCB and a PCB with the new T² technology.