Dissipate high temperatures from PCB: the IMS Board

Particularly for this purpose materials have been developed which offer a high thermal conductivity and at the same time best electrical insulation. A fully covered, massive metal backside ensures a fast and efficient temperature spreading and thus inhibits hotspots.

Customary IMS solutions are equipped with aluminum back plates. In contrast, SCHWEIZER recommends the usage of copper which offers essentially better physical characteristics.

A significant advantage over aluminum also is that copper is compatible with all PCB processes and allows for different surface coatings and multi-layer build-ups.


At a glance: IMS Board

Main Advantages of Copper Back Plates:

  • Thermal storage capacity (with same volume): 37% better than Al
  •  Thermal conductivity: 77% better than Al
  •  Elasticity module: 85% better than Al
  •  Expansion coefficient (X/Y): 32% lower than Al
  •  Electrical conductivity (if local contact is requested): 71% better than Al
  • Solderable surface coatings: OSP/ chem. Sn/ chem. Ni-Au
  • Possible build-ups: single-layer/ 3 layers/ 5 layers
  • Dielectrical strength: > 4 KV
  • Thermal conductivity insulation layer: 2 W/mK

Potential Applications and Characteristics

  • All solutions which require high power electronics
  • DC/DC converter
  • Motor control units
  • DCB substitute