Secure and reliable at lower costs: the Inlay Board.

With the aid of the Cavity Board from Schweizer Electronic, deeper contact surfaces can be economically populated – also using bonding technology. The advantage: after the component (e.g. a chip) has been sealed, you get an even PCB surface after bonding.

Inlay and PCB: one unit.

With the Inlay Board a greater heat output can be dissipated. Because it makes optimal use of the thicker and above all wider copper surface. In a cavity for example a component with high heat loss output can be securely positioned in the Inlay Board. Thus the larger cooling surface overall and the simpler populating method result in low total costs.

Optimal thermal behaviour results in lower total costs.


At a glance: Inlay Board.

Applications: All applications with high temperatures and the requirement to dissipate heat quickly.
Advantages: The larger copper surface overall results in greater heat dissipation.
Special features: „Organic” combination of component and inlay; combination with other products from Schweizer Electronic possible (FR4 Flex, Combi Board etc.).

Comparison DCB vs. Inlay