Demonstrator ADR battery circuit breaker

Protection and safety first

In accordance with the applicable safety standards, commercial, construction and land vehicles today are equipped with a 24 V vehicle electrical system and a redundant 24 V power supply in addition to the 12 V power supply for the comfort functions of the cabin. A crucial function of this system is the battery disconnector. This main switch-off is equipped with an isolator which completely separates the batteries of the 24 V main network from the redundant 24 V network. In order to guarantee operational safety in areas with extreme weather conditions - from icy cold to brooding heat - a battery disconnector must be designed to function reliably even under the harshest environmental conditions.

Team performance for smaller size and higher performance


The ADR (European Agreement Concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road) battery circuit breaker from Infineon and SCHWEIZER´s enables the replacement of the power relay by a bistable, intelligent circuit breaker without impairing the existing control logic. It can also be easily integrated into the existing battery housing. And finally, Infineon and SCHWEIZER´s high current relay replacement solution offers the advantage that all ADR functions can be fully utilized without software customization.  



The 24 V ADR Switch Demonstrator shows a semiconductor-based solution of a 24 V battery master switch for trucks as required by the ADR regulation.

The demonstrator consists of eight low-ohmic MOSFETs connected in parallel and mounted on an Inlay Board together with a gate driver circuit to switch those MOSFETs on and off. In order to protect the MOSFETs against excessive overvoltage there are four transient voltage suppressor diodes implemented at the bottom side of the board.

Meeting market demands for master switches

Smaller is better here, as a small battery disconnect switch solution is easier to integrate, costs less and requires less development effort. Ideal dimensions measure just 100 mm x 50 mm or smaller. Battery switch customers also look for designs with various specifications, such as:

•    Thickness: 1.3 mm
•    RDS(on) from terminal to terminal: 110 µOhm
•    Thermal resistance (non-isolated version of PCB): 0.1 K/W
•    Thermal resistance (isolated version of PCB): ~ 0.2 K/W
•    No. of copper-filled laser vias per MOSFET: 300

Target Applications:

•    Unidirectional battery disconnection
•    Safety applications such as EPS, engine fan, chassis control etc.
•    Replacement of mechanical Relay
•    High current control load


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