Heavy copper and fine line technology on one PCB: the Power Combi Board.

The Power Combi Board from Schweizer Electronic is the combination of heavy copper and fine line technology up to a minimum 100 μm on one PCB. As a result, high current applications with high electrical charges and diverse functions can be interwoven with each other. In other words: logic and performance are combined. An ideal combination for high current and power solutions.

Combining logic and performance with each other.

To keep production costs down, the base material copper is only used where it is really needed. The inner layer thus contains both heavy copper zones for the performance areas and a standard copper layer thickness in which the logic areas are created.

What's more: high ampacity and good heat spread.


At a glance: the Power Combi Board

Applications: Fuse and relay boxes; controlled power distributors; solutions requiring a combination of logic and performance.
Advantages: Cost advantages thanks to reduced logistical expense, production orders, tools, etc.; elimination of plug connectors, cables, etc.; combination with FR4 Flex technology possible; high reliability.
Production: Reliable manufacturing processes through the use of proven and tested manufacturing technologies.
Space requirements: Through combination with FR4 Flex technology comparatively very little