System Cost Reduction

A PCB is a relatively cheap component which, however, has a high relevancy for the application. This requires balancing between cost on one side and quality and reliability on the other side. A challenge that we are meeting with at Schweizer.

By being involved in our customers’ planning and layout process at an early stage, we can achieve an optimum manufacturing panel size. Thus we can produce standard products at favourable rates. In addition we are improving our efficiency through

  • investment in modern production facilities
  • ongoing productivity improvement
  • process optimisation after the first series orders
  • analyses by means of design-to-cost studies

Schweizer offers a variety of smart solutions. They contribute to reducing the overall system cost and thus also the cost of the entire system. An illustrative example is our FR4 Flex board which offers 3-dimensional printed circuit boards by depth milling of the bending areas and thus adapts to difficult installation conditions and saves cost for connectors and cables. Copper Via Filling, allowing the board space to become smaller, and our Combi Board, assuring that only a minimum number of layers is used, are further examples of how system cost can be reduced.