All in one PCB

Schweizer Electronic AG specialises in solutions in the areas of Power Electronics, Embedding and System Cost Reduction. Its portfolio includes a big variety of solution approaches for increasing performance and reducing cost.

The „All in one: inverter demonstrator“ illustrates interesting possibilities of how different PCB technologies can be combined.

Today, photovoltaic inverters hold between 3 and 22 assembly groups which can be reduced to a single assembly group using an intelligent PCB set-up. This way, performance can be optimized, quality can be increased and system cost can be reduced.

The „All in one“ PCB consists of pre-built single inlay parts with functionally adapted set-ups, based on experience with the Combi Board and Wirelaid™ for the combination of logic and power, as well as with the Inlay Boards' maximum heat dissipation and high current.

Finally, the different functional areas can be adapted via bending technology to the device set-up by using SCHWEIZER FR4 Flex technology.

Into these inlay parts, active and passive components can be embedded optionally. In the logic area, unpackaged semiconductors placed on an interposer, together with further passive components, can be integrated with the i² Board®.

SCHWEIZER p² Pack® allows for MOSFET- or IGBT-chips to be embedded directly into the circuit board assembly.

You will now see the set-up of an original:


Into an inner layer the following inlay parts will be assembled:


We start with a 4 layer 35 µm copper inlay part together with a 2 mm copper inlay.
This is followed by a 4 layer 210 µm copper inlay, 2 layers of Wirelaid and 6 layers of HDI. This finalizes the inner layer. After prepregs, pressing, hole pattern, outer layer structuring, solder resist and surface, the „all in One PCB“ is adapted to the device set-up with FR4 Flex, using bending technology.

Through SCHWEIZER’s excellent equipment and process technology further design freedom is possible in the contacting areas. Of course, this example of the inverter is just one of many possible application cases in many different industries.