For gold wire bondable PCBs: ENEPAG surface finish


A growing number of automotive and industrial applications require an ENEPAG (Electroless Nickel - Electroless Palladium - Autocatalytic Gold) surface finish. The unique features of an ENEPAG surface finish makes it an ideal partner for gold wire bonds in applications like e.g. modern automatic transmission systems or LED applications.


  • Suitable for both aluminum and gold wire bond processes
  • Combinable with solder joints
  • Applicable for nearly all PCB layups


  • Robust gold and aluminum bond wire connections to the PCB
  • No electrical connection required for the coating process
  • Replacement of LTCCs (Low Temperature Cofired Ceramic) saves system cost
  • Thicker gold layers up to ~80 nm (gold layer thickness for ENEPIG limited to ~10…20 nm)


Schweizer uses an autocatalytic, or also called semi-reductive, process as this allows for tightest process control and minimisation of contaminants.

The sequence of the layer system from bottom to top is: Nickel/Palladium/Gold.