For complex installation situations: FR4 Flex.

Integration of the rear view camera in the rear view mirror – that only works if you use a PCB that can adjust to small installation spaces, i.e. can extremely “bend“ itself. With FR4 Flex Schweizer Electronic has a fully developed solution for these cases.

Milling channel instead of special materials.

FR4 Flex gets by without special materials such as jumpers, cables or plugs. Instead, Schweizer Electronic uses the standard PCB FR4 and deep routing of the bending area to adapt the PCB to difficult installation situations. This means installation costs are kept low. Thanks to the completely flat PCB the mounting can be easily soldered.

Quickly overcome space problems: with our experience.


At a glance: FR4 Flex

Applications: All applications with restricted installation possibilities coupled with high demands with regard to reliability
Advantages: Use of economical standard materials; less processing problems owing to less connecting elements; clear cost advantages over today's Rigid-Flex PCBs with special materials
Production: Simple and reliable production using standard processes
Weight: Corresponds to alternative solutions.
Space requirements: Considerably better exploitation of installation spaces
Working temperature: -40 ºC to +140 ºC.