Best Results: Maximum Performance in Radar Control

In the meantime, radar technology is omnipresent and vehicle safety engineering cannot be imagined without it. It fulfils an enormously important part in safety engineering for vehicles. Be it in the area of object-approach or in vehicle-interval radar, this safety engineering is indispensable nowadays. The active intervention into the vehicle actuator engineering presents significant demands to the electronics and to the PCB being used.

The basis for a flawless recognition of a dangerous situation is the PCB technology on which the radar beam is being generated and captured as a reflecting imaginary picture. The HF-PCB unites sender and receiver within one component.

Special basic material, such as PTFE with ceramic and glass ceramic,  is used which is perfectly attuned. An important part is the manufacturing of components such as filters, resonators and the entire antenna geometry in the form of structure on the HF-PCB. A highly specialised and continuous manufacturing process enables a production within highest tolerances which is the basic requirement for the realisation in frequency areas of more than 77GHz.

In close alignment with our customers we are creating special solutions which reduce the cost of systems.