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Continental first player to implement innovative technology from SCHWEIZER and Infineon for 48 V systems.

Your career @ Schweizer

Short and easy to understand, this movie presents the essential production stages of a standard PCB in the high-tech plant on SCHWEIZER’s premises

SCHWEIZER receives NADCAP accreditation for electronics.

After one and a half years of construction time, the production at the new high-tech PCB plant in Jiangsu/China started in April 2020.

See our technology specials, giving you a compact yet still detailed explanation of Power Electronics, Embedding (i² Board and p² Pack) and System Cost Reductions (All in one PCB)


SCHWEIZER: Production starts at the new location in China




Virtual Annual General Meeting of Schweizer Electronic AG: Company invests in growth in Asia despite current crisis



"Future PCB technology - Embedding is our Focus!"

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